How do you store your knives? If it's loosely in a drawer, you might want to reconsider your knife storage.

Convex vs Beveled

What's the Difference between Convex and Beveled Shears?

This image is a perfect and very clear visual. I get told by beauticians quite often that they don't know what type of shears they even have! 


Do I drop my tools/utensils off at the Farmers Market and pick them up the following week?
No need! Rich sharpens on the spot! Same day sharpening while you wait. And Farmers Markets are a perfect setting. When you arrive at the Farmers Market, make Rich's trailer your first stop. Check in and drop off your items with Rich. Walk around the market and check out the other great products/services vendors have to offer! Come back when you're done and your items will (in most cases) be ready! Depending on how busy the market is and how many items you have, Rich usually quotes about a half hours time to complete your sharpening order.

How should I bring my knives to the Farmers Market? 
Wrapping your knives in a kitchen towel or newspaper with a rubber band around them is a common technique. If you are a return customer, you can use the knife sheaths supplied by Rich. 

How should I keep my knives sharp after sharpening? 
There are a few tips that can help keep your knives sharp. Never put your knives in the dishwasher, always hand wash. Use a wood or plastic cutting board, never cut on glass or countertop. Keep your knives in a knife block or in sheaths, not loosely stored in a drawer. 

How do I bring my lawn mower, electric hedge clipper, or chainsaw blade to the Farmers Market? 
Blades need to be off the machines to sharpen with the exception of electric hedge clippers. Rich needs the electric hedge clipper blades left on the machine so he can advance the blades on each side to sharpen. Otherwise, please have lawn mower and chainsaw blades off the machines for sharpening. You can wrap tools in newspaper or an old towel or bring in a cardboard box for carrying purposes.  

How do I take off a lawn mower blade (and put back on)? 
Many of my customers are very intimidated by removing their lawn mower blade. It should be in most cases, quite easy! To take the blade off, tilt your mower on its side. There should only be one bolt you need to take off to remove the blade. If you're still intimidated, you can find step by step instructions on google, or youtube. To put the blade back on, you can also refer to online tutorials. But please note if you put the blade back on upside down, your mower will not cut grass properly.

How do I know when my knives need to be sharpened? 
Well, that's mostly up to your personal preference! If you can't remember the last time your knives were sharpened (5, 10, 20 years?) that might be your first indicator it's time for sharpening! Rich's favorite tip is if you can't cut a quarter inch slice of a tomato without "mushing" it up, your knife needs sharpening. Cutting through chicken breast or veggies should be almost effortless. And remember, a sharp knife is safer than a dull knife. 

How do you sharpen knives? I don't want my knives damaged! 
Rich uses a slow revolving water cooled stone to sharpen knives. This sharpening process will not damage or ruin the temper of your knife. The slow revolving speed and water used on the stone prevent any heat or friction. Rich also uses guides while sharpening to ensure the proper angle on each side of the knife.